Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Searching for (OP) Nasus

OP Nasus that is. I have a special place in my heart for old League of Legends characters... (Mainly because they are so cheap). But come on they're epic and sometimes overlooked because a lot of them need to be reworked. Blah blah blah...
    Ok back to Nasus. When I started playing LoL in early 2013 I tried out Nasus and was just then learning how to "last hit" minions. It was hard for me to time it and always ended up using my Siphoning Strike right before the "last hit". This was extremely frustrating since Q is Nasus' bread and butter. It's why you play Nasus. Since then I've shied away from Nasus until recently.
     Over the past few days on Google+ I kept seeing a post by John Tanner about Jungle Nasus. I instantly thought that this was an great idea. I love playing jungle and one of the nice things is that you get to farm in peace. The idea of focusing on stacking your Q without any pokes from the enemy appealed to me.
    So last night I tried a bot game. It was no where near OP however I was able to get a good stack on Q. One thing that made him a viable jungler was the use of Spirit Fire (E) combined with his passive Soul Eater. What great sustain! Helped me jungle for longer. By the end I was this tanky monster (love his ultimate, I literally was a giant tanky monster). Because it was a bot game it went by too fast. I will have to try out Nasus tonight against some humans! Will post again with a final conclusion on Jungle Nasus.

Extra: So I've said before that this blog is not a guide or anything however I will share with you what guides I used for different characters. These guides are by no means set in stone however they should help give you options for your builds. So the one that I liked for Jungle Nasus can be found here.